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Asics new line of sportswear for women to practice “training” sports launch campaign.

Special action design in Benito Sports’ window display, in the Rambla of Barcelona. Acrylic words, vinyls and mannequins developed for this campaign.

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Asics. AW15

Multicolor campaign for the new Asics AW 2015 shoe collection. This time, we’ve designed the elements in this campaign following the sneakers’ color range.

This campaign takes place in shopwindows and in items (tables, totems and speaker) inside the store.

Design, production and stablishment for 140 selling points.

Materials: Pegasus, pet, lights, metacrylate, wooden and metallic structures.

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Asics. Wild rare

Campaign for the launch of the new line of fashionable Asics Tiger shoes. Powerful monochrome images of wild animals accompany the displays in which the shoes are presented at the point of sale and in the shop windows. In the outer glass of the shop is the slogan of the campaign and the brand with a vinyl cutting.

Design, production and implementation for 40 points of sale, with a special installation in some of them as Edonora or Sneakers&Co.

Materials: Pegasus, PET and led lights.

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